See Japan Through My Eyes


17 thoughts on “Welcome

    • Dan,

      I hope you are finding this experience to be as rewarding as you anticipated. I, for one, think it is one of the coolest things any of my students has ever done. Please feel free to email me with details.


      • Dear Susan,

        Thank you for stopping by and commenting! So far, this experience has indeed been as rewarding, if not more so, as I thought it would be! My research has yet to begin, but once it does I will be sure to have questions. When that time comes, I know who to contact 🙂


        • Dan,

          I must tell you that if “engineering” doesn’t pan out for you – you should become a professional blogger! You are a very good writer and I have enjoyed reading ALL your entries thus far! Keep writing – you have a gift!


    • Dan, At last I opened your blog. Fascinating. Spent the last 3 hours enjoying. Between your travel descriptions and photography I’m blown away by envy. What a contrast from D’t’n.

    • Thanks for your input! Actually, been here now for over 9 months and am heading home soon. There will definitely be more posts before and after I leave, but there are also a lot of things I have written about already that you may be interested. Please check out my older posts as well and my new ones, as there are more older ones than there will be newer ones.

      Where did you visit?

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