Germany and France (Days 4, 5 and 6)

Jan 20-Day 4: After a couple days down south, it was time to head back up to Frankfurt via Stuttgart. My plan was to explore downtown Stuttgart and downtown Frankfurt this day before meeting up with all my old friends from Japan for dinner! 

In Stuttgart I walked down the main shopping street Königstrasse and saw the old and new castles. Had some brunch and then walked back to the train station to catch my train to Frankfurt. Not before buying a new pair of sunglasses though! Stuttgart seems to be a cool city with lots to do. But since there was not really much time between trains, I couldn’t venture out too far or do anything too serious like visit a museum. So I was satisfied to just walk and shoot photos. 🙂

Once in Frankfurt, I took to my feet once again with my pack on my back and walked a ways along the river, just taking in the sights, clean air and nice weather. I then found my way to a subway station that would take me deeper into the city to find the one brewery that was recommended to me by the tourism office, Braustil. Apparently the city is more well-known for their ciders. Anyway, Braustil is where Simon met up with me and together we had a brew before hopping into his car to go find the restaurant we were to eat at later, Sushi Muku. It was just across the river a little bit farther down from where  I had been earlier that morning. So Simon and I walked together snapping photos here and there, seeing a cathedral and the opera house before stopping at another restaurant for a drink around sundown. By the time we made it back to the Japanese restaurant it was 20:00! Just in time. 

The place was quite authentic and soon enough, everyone else had arrived. The total number was six: myself, Simon, Felix, Francie, Vacheh and Satomi. Everyone enjoyed the food and company with lots of laughter and reminiscing. 

Jan 21-Day 5

After our dinner the previous night, I went back to Felix’s place in Bad Kreuznach. However, he was busy most of the day Saturday, so I made plans with Lea
, another old friend from Japan, who lives a ways down south but was willing to drive up to see me! We saw some beautiful German landscapes while walking all over Bad Kreuznach! Aside from that, nothing too much more notable happened that day. After we had lunch together I went back to Felix’s place and just chilled out with Felix and Francie for the rest of the evening.

Jan 22-Day 6

And thus my Germany trip came to an end. Next stop – Paris!


4 thoughts on “Germany and France (Days 4, 5 and 6)

  1. I have never had the chance to visit the first two city’s though I have flown in & out of them but I am sure I stayed at the last town with my wife for a couple of nights. It was a spa tow from memory. Germany is a great place to visit

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