Internship Completion Celebration

With little more than a week left before my trip home, my lab group took me out for a very memorable evening in downtown Takamatsu. It began at a rooftop restaurant around 7 pm where everyone from the lab gathered for food and drink. It was a great opportunity to reflect on individual and shared group experiences we all had over the course of my stay.


It was here, after we had all had our fill of food and a few drinks, that they presented me with a farewell commemoration and gift. It was a very meaningful exchange and I got the strong sense that they all viewed me as a part of their team, which meant a lot.


Then I gave my 100% un-rehearsed “speech” in my broken Japanese trying to express to them my gratitude. I’m sure they got the message!
In the end, we all “kampai’d” and continued with our evening!


After a bit, people began to get restless and our time ran out at this particular location, so we began to round everyone up to move onward to the next location. Unfortunately the photographer fell off after this last photo…

…but maybe that’s all for the best!


One thought on “Internship Completion Celebration

  1. Wow,how many student are there in your lab?They look really really lively,far from my impresson of Japanese people.haha,very sweet celebration.;-)

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