1 Year Ago…

Hello Everybody,

It’s been a while since my last post. I had sincerely wanted to continue posting as regularly as I could but alas, the real world does not always allow for such things. With nothing more than a two week summer vacation between my final exams in Japan, to the start of classes in the United States at the University of Toledo, going into my 6th and final year, it was officially the shortest summer vacation I’ve had in my entire life. Not only was that break dreadfully short, it was filled with all sorts of chores that are apparently associated with getting back into your own country after 10 months. My car was obviously very upset with me for having left her alone all this time… she decided to start leaking all her gasoline onto the street through a big hole in her tank. At first I thought it was just the rusty brake rotors I’d have to worry about! …how naive.

Anyway, arriving back in Toledo driving my stepmother’s old car with only 3 days until my semester began, I did nothing but relax… while I could. As soon as the semester started, I began drowning in what is, to-date, the most intense amount of coursework I could have imagined. With classes like Structural Analysis, Soil Mechanics, Water Supply and Treatment, Engineering Materials, Transportation Engineering, and Wastewater Engineering, my social life (and blogging time) has been annihilated.

However, these days, this week in particular, are very special days for me, as they mark the 1-year anniversary of my arrival in Japan, and the subsequent barrage of amazing experiences that came my way. When I think back to the exact moments I was living 1 year ago, I feel a sense of nostalgia so strong, it makes it hard to believe that those moments are gone, and that I am here, and not there.

In remembrance of these times, for those of you following me who joined in later on, take a look at some of my first posts on this blog. They had a completely different feel from the style I settled into later on. There were so many new things happening to me that I had a hard time writing them all down, though I did try…

Well, I’m off to class. Don’t think that this blog is finished, because it is not. There are things that I simply must accomplish before I can continue to tell my stories about my time In Japan.

Until next time!


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