A Way To Remember…

I know that sometime a while back I posted something similar to what I’m about to put up, but this one will be providing a more complete version of what I did back then.

The following pictures are what resulted from a project that I begun way back in December as an effort to photograph all of the residents that were living with me there in the International Dormitory. Here the first part, and here is the next!

IMG_0727 IMG_1119 IMG_3419 IMG_0717 IMG_0745 IMG_3437 IMG_0725 IMG_0796 IMG_0743 IMG_1108 IMG_0740 IMG_0998 IMG_0742 IMG_3423 IMG_0748 IMG_1133 IMG_1130 IMG_3658 IMG_0736 IMG_3659 IMG_0716 IMG_2961 IMG_0734 IMG_1132 IMG_0713 IMG_3426 IMG_0739 IMG_0714 IMG_3589 IMG_1568 IMG_3421 IMG_1021 IMG_4104 IMG_0710 IMG_1443 IMG_1107 IMG_1128IMG_3653IMG_0733 IMG_2230 IMG_1001 IMG_2942 IMG_1123 IMG_2278 IMG_1015 IMG_2276 IMG_1105 IMG_2946

Sorry for all the pictures, but I just wanted to put up the pictures I’d taken of all the people that I had lived with over the last 10 months. You  can tell who is new and who stayed there longer by the room numbers shown in the background.

Being back in the States and thinking back to my time spent in Japan, I really miss everything and everyone… hence the inspiration for this post. Even though I may not have been best friends with everyone living there, just being around someone for such a long period of time helps to forge a bond of appreciation between those two, and that’s the kind of thing I feel between all the people I lived with.

Then there were those who I really DID become best friends with… and I miss them all dearly. I hope we meet again soon.


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