Katsurahama Beach

Though we had successfully arrived at our primary destination, Nankoku in Kochi Prefecture, we weren’t quite ready to stop yet. We were all striving to reach the beach and to see the ocean! Thankfully, one of us had some experience in the area and knew exactly where to go! It was because of this that we ended up at Katsurahama Beach, a location in Kochi famous for its beauty. Our first sight of it was slightly staggering.

See for yourself!

 IMG_2549 IMG_2551

Before making our way down to the beach, we hung around up top for a bit to take some photos.


Up here with us was this big-old statue of a samurai!samurai


We quickly made our way down, anxious to swim because of the extreme heat. Here was the view from the bottom.


If you’re from the states, you may be realizing (as we were) that there were no people swimming at this beach. Quite peculiar considering the pristine blue water laid our before our eyes. As it turns out, to our dismay, there was a very good reason for this. That reason was that there were “security” guards keeping people out of the water. By that I don’t just mean keeping people from swimming, I mean keeping people completely out of the water, as in even your feet!

We had seen the no swimming signs, so we resigned ourselves to just getting our feet wet, playing keep-away with the waves… but before long the fully-clothed, long sleeves and pants, security officers came running, whistles blowing, to us to tell us we couldn’t get in the water. Not only that, they tried to tell us to stay a good 10 feet or so from where the largest waves washed up to. At this though, my one friend refused. They tried to convince her that it was dangerous, but as he was doing this, a wave came up and brushed her toes, and she used this as proof to him that it was not. He dejectedly walked away, having been beaten. Us, having won, enjoyed the fruits of our slight victory.


I slowly meandered along the beach, taking pictures along the way, but it was this that was drawing me ever closer…


After about a dozen shots, all taken in an effort to get the one picture you see above, I walked back along the beach to go check out the shrine up on the cliff I had seen off in the distance earlier.

The shrine itself was not all that impressive, it was the location that warranted appreciation. The view from up top was phenomenal.

IMG_2612 IMG_2621

In the picture above, in the far right, you can see where I was taking pictures at with the waves crashing against the rock.

Below was another good view. Though when watching it, all I could think was that I was happy to be up here on the cliff instead of down there in the water…


Also, it might be my imagination, but I thought I could see the slight curve of the Earth off in the distance…


Then, in the opposite direction of Katsurahama Beach I saw our holy grail, another beach, one without security guards!


 After a little bit more time up top, I made my way back down to rejoin the others and tell them of my find.

All of us having had enough of the “untouchable” beauty of Katsurahama Beach, we went back to the car to go and find a place to swim, in which we succeeded!



However, we soon learned that there were real reasons as to why we weren’t allowed to swim at Katsurahama Beach. The water is pretty intense. Between the massive waves and the strong tidal currents, swimming on the south end of Shikoku has its risks.


 Though I was being careful to stay in places I could touch and was diving through the larger waves, sometimes you just can’t beat mother nature.

waverunning wavefleeing

After being rocked, I resigned myself to just taking pictures. The smarter one among us didn’t even get changed to go swimming…


Here are a few of my favorite wave shots of the trip.

IMG_2160 IMG_2164 IMG_2167 - Version 2

Coming up next post:

Kochi Castle and Sunday Market!

Until next time….


10 thoughts on “Katsurahama Beach

    • Well, I sincerely hope that is not the case. There were many security guards there at that time and if that one failed, they all did… We didn’t go swimming at that beach in particular too. Though it is unfortunate that many of those beautiful beaches are un-swimmable. I experienced first-hand how frightening it can be to feel that “tug” from the current. It made me quite keen on staying very close to shore.

  1. Amazing place,hey, why not say something about your class and the japanese people around you?They are very shy people,is it true?looking forward for your posts.

  2. Fabulous pictures! I was in Kochi last year but didn’t get to go down to the ocean. Seeing that Ryoma Sakamoto statue brought back memories….that guy was everywhere in Kochi!

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