From Kagawa to Kochi, and everything in between! part 2

We started early the next day after a hearty breakfast. It didn’t take long to load up the car and hit the road.


From Kanonji going south, we were soon deep into the mountains that fill the heart of Shikoku. The area was uniquely beautiful and was scarcely populated with small villages here and there. The trip started in Kagawa, and along the way we briefly passed through the other two prefectures, Tokushima and Ehime, before finally arriving in Kochi. Tokushima is the same prefecture that has within its borders Naruto, the destination of my cycling trip (Day1 & Day2) a while back.

We were in no hurry, so when we came across a nice view or another sort of cool location, we didn’t hesitate to stop and check it out. But it was a very hot day, so we never stuck around for too long. This was one of the stops we took along the way. It was atop of the dam to a reservoir/hydro-electric power plant system.

IMG_2526 IMG_2528 DSCN4498 IMG_2530 DSCN4508 IMG_2529 IMG_2532

We were on our way once again, but after a while our driver began to get hungry, so we stopped for some food at a rest stop along the highway, apparently famous for its unique burgers. This burger that we chose was squished between two veggie-burger type fried buns, with a slab of fried eggplant and an egg with many different ingredients in it. The overall taste effect was quite profound, if a little bit stretched… but it was good!

IMG_2536 IMG_2539 IMG_2541

After our lunch we were back on the road! But with only a little bit further to go before we reached out destination.


After a bit more time on the road and a little bit of discussion between the four of us about where it is we should go. Thanks to a bit of insider knowledge from our Japanese friend, we decided to head for Katsurahama, a famous beach in Kochi, for reasons you’ll see in my next post!


…Coming soon!



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