Nagashi Somen Party!

You’re all probably wondering, “What the heck is a ‘Nagashi Somen Party’?” Well let me tell/show you. The word nagashi in Japanese means flowing, and the word somen is a type of noodle, very thin and cooks very quickly. The combination of those two words probably has you picturing some pretty interesting things… Those two words coupled with a third, party, probably has you at a loss. Allow me to introduce you to another one of my friend, Mrs. Funaki’s, Japanese traditional style parties! Last time it was the Irori Party, but this time we had Nagashi Somen!



Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you, the massive Nagashi Somen contraption! In this picture, all of the preparation work has been completed and we are about to begin. What happens is, the water gets turned on and begins to flow through the bamboo shoots. Once this happens, someone at the top begins placing noodles into the stream to let them flow through the bamboo and as this happens the people gathered around the contraption and catch the noodles as they go past. If you can catch them (which isn’t very difficult if you’re adept with chopsticks), you dip them into your broth, then eat. It is simple, delicious, and fun! What a great tradition!

IMG_2901 IMG_2905 IMG_2903

Of course, we didn’t begin eating until after our self-introductions and kampais… but I wanted to alleviate you from the stress of not knowing what nagashi somen was. As typical occurrence at Japanese gatherings, is the self-introduction, where everyone goes around the circle and gives a short introduction, though some are longer than others, and there are also some funny people and laughs thrown in there as well. I usually enjoy this part even though it may seem boring. I once sat through a self-introduction with a group of about 50 Japanese businessmen! Anyway, I digress…


After the introductions were complete, the party began!

IMG_2893 IMG_2895 IMG_2882 IMG_2897

The flowing noodles were not the only food course that evening…

Homegrown and homemade tempura!

Homegrown and homemade tempura!

Homemade lettuce-wrapped sushi!

Homemade lettuce-wrapped sushi!


Homemade takoyaki!

Homemade takoyaki!

Barbecue AND watermelon!

Barbecue AND watermelon!

All-in-all, everyone had a fantastic evening, I know I did. I’m very thankful to the Funaki’s for hosting, and our friends, the Watanabe’s as well. Until next time!



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