Why I’ll Miss The Sea

Before I continue on with my series about my trip to Kochi, here is a quick evening I’d like to share with you all…

It was a stormy day, one of the random, slightly rare storms that can occur in the middle of summer, and it was intense throughout the morning, and into the mid-afternoon.


Surprisingly however, the storm broke, so I made my way to one of my favorite places in Takamatsu to watch the sunset. I feel very fortunate to have made this decision because what I saw there was awe-inspiring and breathtaking. I just hope that the following pictures can do it some justice…


IMG_3265_signed IMG_3266_signed IMG_3291_signed IMG_3306_signed

Just when I thought that the sky was done transforming, it suddenly changed once again…


I will truly miss living this close to such unparalleled beauty.


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