From Kagawa to Kochi, and everything in between! – part 1

A week or so ago I embarked on a road trip with three friends. It was going to be a 2-day, 1-night trip to the southern end of my home island of Shikoku, in Kochi prefecture. However before that, we all gathered in Kanonji, a town to the west of Takamatsu, where 2 out of the 4 lived (one of whom was the owner of the car). So really, for me, it was a 2-day, 2-night trip, which began with a train ride with the other companion from Takamatsu riding along with me! The travel spirit had been awoken and I was ready to go!


When we arrived at the final stop on the line, we hopped off and met with our friend and, after a few photos of the local nighttime scenery (and learning some new exposure tricks with my camera)…


…we moved out to meet with the fourth and final member of our party, whose apartment we were going to be crashing at.

Here is a shot of our group, hard at work trying to pick out what we wanted to do the next day in Kochi!


Then there was me, happy to do whatever (and careful not to get on the wrong side the party majority), sitting back and letting the plan unfold.


However in the end, no decisions were made, and the whole trip (aside from out lodging) was decided on the fly!

…just the way I like it.


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