Summers In Japan

The rain and the clouds are nothing now but a distant memory.

The skies of each passing day resembling that of the ones prior.

No wind, no clouds, and nothing but thick, moist air between sun and skin.

The rainy season has passed, leaving Japan in a state of constant heat. I didn’t think that I would miss the intense rain storms that would last for days on end, but now that I am faced with the ongoing 36 C (97 F) heat coupled with daily commutes via bicycle, I am looking back fondly on the days where, once the rain had passed, I would ride to school under the cool cloud cover.

So now, with these conditions a constant until a typhoon decides to come, I’ve been taking certain precautions and assistive measures to help me deal with the stifling heat, blazing sun, and drowning humidity. Honestly, you should see peoples’ faces when I show up to class or my research lab after just arriving! My face is red and literally dripping with sweat, and whatever shirt I have on at the time is, ever so blatantly, soaked in the locations where my backpack touches my body. In order to deal with these issues I have: One, decided to keep my sunscreen with me at all times, two, decided to have two shirts with me at all times, a sitting still shirt and a moving around shirt, three, to always have cold water with me, and finally, to keep a handkerchief with me to help with the excess sweat on my face and afterwards, to soak in water and keep on my forehead. Between these four things and the usual A.C. that I find upon arrival, I will survive.

That being said, there are a couple things that I do (or want to do) nowadays that make me realized I have been in Japan for three-quarters of a year. One of the more absurd things is that I have taken to wearing a long-sleeved shirt when I bike to school!, despite the near hundred-degree heat. Although that precaution is mild compared to some other Japanese when it comes to avoiding exposure of their skin to the sun. While I’ll be wearing a long-sleeved shirt, I have seen people wearing gloves, a scarf, long-sleeves and pants, a sun hat, AND carrying an umbrella! all at the same time! It makes me wonder what they fear more, getting a tan or fainting from a heat stroke…

But anyway, it is weather like this that makes me appreciate a day at the beach even more!

IMG_2235 StampedVersion

*I mentioned in my last post about Naoshima that I was going on a trip to Kochi over the weekend. It was a fantastic trip with a fantastic group of people! But I took close to 400 shots and am still sorting through them.

*Additionally, I’d like to give you all an update on my actual life here. I am currently living my last days here in Japan and let me tell you, my emotions are running very near the surface lately. Everything seems to have a certain finality to it. Despite that, I am loving each and every day. These days, my life is essentially what is written down in my calendar (because there is something written down for practically every day), and my free time goes to studying and researching because, as my time here continues to shorten, so to does the time until my final exams. That being said, I’ll try to keep you all in the loop as things progress.

*I’d also like to comment that, despite my best efforts to fully document my time here, that has proven to be impossible. There is way too much going on in my life to document everything, because if I tried to, I wouldn’t have the time to live the events I want to write about. What I say to that is, even though my time here in Japan will soon end, my blog will continue on in order to recap and share with you all of the wonderful times that I have had here, quite possible more for myself than for you, the readers… but I’m sure you understand my motivations.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Summers In Japan

  1. Good afternoon Dan… it was a pleasure to have you joining us at the Shodoshima trip last Sunday… personally, it was a joy for me to have known you… thank you so much for being here in Kadai…

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