The Other Side of Naoshima…

Now for the final installment of posts relating to my trip to Naoshima. This one is about what I’ve decided to call, “The Other Side” of the island, which I discovered by doing what I always do… go where the road takes me!

When I decided to follow the road that nobody else seemed to go down, my surroundings slowly began changing until eventually, I felt as though I had been teleported to a completely different island. I could hardly believe I was in the same place that had produced the beautiful flowers and flowing streams I had been enjoying for the past few hours. However the fact remained, I hadn’t gone anywhere but to “the other side.”

Remember this photograph?


 Notice anything in particular? If you do, chances are it is the barren looking section of the island on the left. That’s where I was, and here is what I found there…

IMG_2407 - Version 2 IMG_2403 - Version 2 IMG_2405 - Version 2 IMG_2401 - Version 2 IMG_2400 - Version 2 IMG_2396 - Version 2 IMG_2394 - Version 2 IMG_2388 - Version 2 IMG_2389 - Version 2 IMG_2391 - Version 2 IMG_2392 - Version 2 IMG_2384 - Version 2 IMG_2386 - Version 2

Not very glamorous compared to the rest of the island, but I still appreciate it just the same. In order for beauty to be truly recognized, there must be places like this as well to provide the necessary contrast.

Additionally, there are some other parallels that can be derived from Naoshima as well… summed up in the simple statement that, there are a great many things that are not all they appear to be.

ANYWAY! I’m off to do some travelling this weekend in the southern prefecture of the island I reside on. So I should have some good material to put up here upon my return. Until then, じゃねー!


One thought on “The Other Side of Naoshima…

  1. For some reason this photo essay (even the more colorful shots) reminded me of some “Lost” episodes. Now, even more so.
    And, I hope that doggie has someone taking care of him…

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