International Student Internship Party

This is the second time we’ve had a party of this sort for the international internship students at the engineering campus. It is a time arranged for everyone involved in the successful completion of the internships to gather together and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. In the beginning, there were some talks from some of the higher officials of the Engineering Faculty.


An interesting side story involving the gentleman in the above photo… In my first month living in the International Student Dormitory, I was out grocery shopping at the local supermarket. I was still getting used to shopping in the Japanese supermarkets and as such, sometimes finding the right food was difficult. I was searching for the write broth to use with my soba noodles but with no luck. So finally, I resign to asking for help. It was then that I saw a kind looking Japanese couple, and proceeded to attempt in my broken Japanese, to ask them what kind of dashi (broth) I could use with these soba noodles. They pointed me in the right direction, and in the process, the guy asked me where I am from and what I am doing in Japan. After I told him that I was studying at the Engineering Campus of Kagawa University, he then proceeded to ask me if my name was Dan! As it turns out, he was not only a professor at the Engineering Campus, but he was the Chairperson for the International Exchange Committee! From then on, we began to see each other at the university, and each time he makes a joke about soba noodles… 🙂

Anyway, for this particular event, there were four master’s students from China who were almost finished with their program and would be graduating. When they spoke in front of the party, they used fluent Japanese and it was very impressive. Then, there was a short acknowledgement for two students from Thailand, and finally, six short powerpoint presentations from the four French students, one German student, and myself.

I was really happy to have a proper opportunity to thank everyone who had helped me get to where I am today. Thankfully, my tutor Shintaro Sone was there, along with my sensei, as well as my host mother and kids! For my presentation, I decided to discuss, broadly, all that I had been able to accomplish during my time in Japan. I was slightly emotional when I got to the end of it, but I was very happy due to all the positive feedback I received during my speech. Here are some photos from the presentation:

DSC_0351 IMG_2078 IMG_2080 IMG_2079

Also, if anyone is interested, they can view my speech at this link here! The speech was off the top of my head, so please forgive my poor Japanese…

Finally, we all had a great opportunity to eat and socialize. At the end of the party there was a group photo. See if you can spot me.



This one was taken with my camera, so I couldn’t resist! Hahaha

…and a shot with my host family and Iwamoto-sensei (the professor initially responsible for my internship arrangement)!



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