A Fish Fry With Fellow Foreigners

A Fish Fry With Fellow Foreigners

Here is a link to a friend’s blog who also lives in Takamatsu. He is here as a JET. For those of you who don’t know, JET stands for “The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program” where native English speakers will come to Japan to teach English in the Japan school system across the country.

During my time here I have met many of these teachers and Gavin is one them. This post of his is about a birthday party we held for him a while back. It was a rooftop fish-fry! I went to help Tamara, a mutual friend, help set up for it, and despite the rain, we had a very good time, thanks to the canopy we’d set up! You can find me in the background of the second-to-last picture, eating a fish!


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