The Various Cuisines of the Dormitory

Living in a student dormitory, on a student’s budget, with no cafeteria close by, one would by necessity have to prepare their own food. Now, each floor of the dormitory has its own kitchen that everyone may use, however, it seems to me that the residents embrace this necessity with differing levels of enthusiasm, usually corresponding to their proficiency in the kitchen.

As for myself, I’m no professional, but I’ve had plenty of experience in the kitchen prior to coming to Japan. Thanks to that, I was ready and willing to embrace a lifestyle of grocery shopping and cooking for myself, without relying on the “instant” kind of food. Here are some of the results of my efforts:


Homemade curry rice


Seared chicken seasoned with basil and parsley, cooked with fresh tomato


Fresh salad with a piece of sashimi-quality salmon cooked rare in garlic and olive oil


Saturday morning pancakes! (I miss my waffle iron though)


Homemade bruschetta with toast and fresh mozzarella


Salmon with sautéed bell peppers and onions over rice


This was American-style night, homemade burgers with homemade fries


My typical breakfast sandwich with a few extras tossed in (bacon)


Homemade tomato sauce


Halfway done with eating before realizing I should snap a pic:
Some basically-cooked-yet-delicious steak – flash seared in a pan then slow cooked at low heat in the broiler, soba noodles with sautéed vegetables, and store-bought sushi.


Pan-seared pork chops with sautéed onions


This medley consisted of some sashimi, cooked salmon with fresh tomato wedges, and pasta with red bell pepper and garlic sautéed in olive oil


Marinated steak along with onions and potatoes cooked with the steak juices

Homemade shrimp alfredo sauce (I prefer to throw some habanero pepper into mine for a little heat)

Homemade shrimp alfredo sauce (I prefer to throw some habanero pepper into mine for a little heat)

That’s that!

…and now for some competing dishes from the local noodle shops!


Udon with beef. Pumkin and squid tempura.


Some of the best ramen I’ve had in Japan to date!

Well, I suppose now I should really go cook lunch! I’m starving after making this post!



6 thoughts on “The Various Cuisines of the Dormitory

  1. RE: “my waffle iron”
    You do remember that was a gift, conditional upon it staying here…It’s yours, so long as you share it permanently 😉
    Beautiful creations Dan! Nice to see them all combined in one post! Impressive even if you weren’t on a student budget!

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