‘Tis the Season

Summer is here in full swing, but so it the rainy season. As such, last weekend was host to a wide variety of weather. Friday was nice, but cloudy, so after a day at the lab, I came home to cook some dinner, and then made my way to a place well known on the blog by now in order to watch the sunset. I recently discovered the name of this place as well: 長崎ノ鼻 (Nagasaki no hana/the nose of nagasaki). A strange name in my opinion… Anyway, the sunset was a bit lackluster, but it was nice to see anyway.

IMG_2028 IMG_2027 IMG_2031

The next day however saw close to 2.5″ (60mm) of heavy rainfall over the course of the morning and afternoon. It was so heavy that all the drainage canals were getting washed clean!


Staying indoors all day definitely felt like the right thing to do that day! Though the rain only persisted until late afternoon, the mood had been struck, and I still didn’t go anywhere, even after it ceased. The calm after the storm…


By Sunday, all the bad weather was far far away and there were nothing but blue skies as far as the eye could see. Around noon (bad time for this) I hopped on my bike for a nice ride down the coast to a town called Tsuda, home to a very nice beach and a very old, protected pine grove!


IMG_2041 IMG_2043

size comparison

size comparison

IMG_2039 IMG_2046

This trip wasn’t taken on just a whim however, it was actually the scheduled birthday party for a dear friend of mine, and spending time with so many great people at a beautiful beach was HUGE fun!

IMG_2047 IMG_2051 IMG_2074 IMG_2075

Both fortunately and unfortunately, I had to cut my fun there short due to some other plans I had that evening. I had been invited once again to have dinner at my host family’s house that evening! They also invited one of my good friends to come as well, and because of that they prepared an incredibly nice dinner! In was such an enjoyable evening of eating, drinking, and chatting.


Aside from the large assortment of dishes already laid out on the table, there were also others that hadn’t been brought out yet: homemade corn soup, fish rice, special fried chicken, and watermelon!

Before I knew it, hours had passed and it was time to go home. Kind as they are, my host parents loaded my bike into their van and took me home. A perfect end to a perfect weekend In Japan!


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