The Final Countdown


In one week, it will be exactly 9 months since I arrived in Japan… and what an adventure it has been! My official departure date has also been set. I will be embarking on a 30 hour plane ride back home on the 31st of July. The flight will take me from Osaka, my port of entry back in September, to China, to LAX in California, and from there back to JFK in New York City.

I can’t say that I’m not ready to go home, because I am ready, but that does not mean that I wouldn’t stay here if I could. In these last 9 months I’ve made friends that have made distinct impression on my being and with whom I’ve shared some of the most fantastic memories of my life so far. I am definitely going to miss everyone when I leave, but it has also been too long since I’ve seen my family and friends back home.

There is also my continuing education to worry about. When September rolls around I’ll have officially begun my 6th year of college!! So if I want to graduate sometime in the relatively near future, I’ll have to leave Japan to return another day. This whole trip was for that sole purpose to begin with anyway. 10 months, 3 standard U.S.-length semesters, and when I’m done, 3 completed mandatory internships as well. Once these internships are done, it will be nothing but engineering classes for about a year-and-a-half (including summers) until graduation.

And yes family, you can mark down the spring of 2015 in your calendars (tentatively).

So, with the end in sight, it kind of makes you think about all the things you’ve accomplished, and all the things you still want to do during your time here. As for me and anyone else who has been keeping tabs on my blog from the beginning can attest to, I’ve had my fair share of exploits and adventures. As for the remainder of my time here… well, it would seem as though every weekend from now until the one before I leave is booked for some sort of adventure. I suppose you could say I’m finishing strong!

I’ve got at least one more island trip planned, one or more trips on Shikoku planned, one trip to Kobe, and of course, the final leg of my journey back to the airport. But of course, the filler between all those weekend journeys will be filled with my continuing research and studies. I have to study very hard if I want and chance of passing these final exams in my Japanese classes. When I come home I’m going to be proudly carrying with me my Kagawa University transcript!

So that’s that! Wish me luck and take a meander through some of my older blog posts for some new reading and/or a trip down memory lane. See ya!


2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. You have had a wonderful experience; thanks for sharing it so well. We are enjoying some time with you mom, Megan, and Chris. We missed you.

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