Sushi & Wasabi

I went out with a friend of mine last week for dinner at a “rotating sushi” restaurant. It is a very popular place for Japanese people of all ages to go for lunch and dinner because of the generally delicious and cheap sushi. Usually at most places you’ll pay about ¥105/plate, which usually holds two pieces. We ate heartily…



me&plates pa&IsushiIMG_1842



After we were all but finished eating, Pa-san and I dared each other to eat some plain wasabi…

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…



For those of you who cannot read Thai:
Top: “Oh! …pure wasabi!!!”
Bottom: “I thought it would be spicy. But it is not.”


…no caption needed.


Not being racist, but I think genetically speaking, Pa had the advantage!

But anyway, if you’re in Japan and want to eat lots of good (relatively), cheap sushi, find one of these restaurants! There’s plenty 🙂



4 thoughts on “Sushi & Wasabi

  1. BTW Dan, as you live in Yashima, you have to try Kaiho (2028 Takamatsucho, on Shido-dori, right next to a pond, opposite from Furutakamatsuminami Station). Definitely the best sushi I have had in town.

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