Awashima Adventure

I had a fantastic opportunity a few weeks ago to take a trip to a somewhat distant island (from Takamatsu) in the Seto Inland Sea. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Got to meet a lot of new people, both foreign and local, got to climb a mountain, have a big Japanese style barbecue, a round trip ferry ride, and an opportunity to clean another beach!

*The first time was earlier that week at Yashima point with some friends…*

yashimabeach cleaningcrew2yashimabeach cleaningcrew4

The day started off bright and early with a bike ride through the brisk 7:00am mist still clinging to the ground, on my way to Takamatsu Station. The first leg of the trip to Awashima (not including the bike ride) was an hour-long train ride along the coast to Mitoyo City. We were slightly late arriving to the city so we taxied to the ferry dock, where we rendezvoused with a large group of people. We checked in and then waited for the ferry.

The day’s experience was incredibly subsidized for foreigners; ¥500 for foreigners and ¥2500 for Japanese! For the cost of one Japanese participant, you could pay for FIVE foreigners! Crazy! However, it wasn’t that cheap for the train tickets; ~¥800 one way! But as you’ll discover when you continue reading, a total expense of just about $20 is nothing to pay for this kind of trip.

After the ferry arrived, half of us boarded while the other half waited for the next ferry. It was a short but sweet ride, and a very beautiful day!

IMG_1737 ferryride4 IMG_1738

After arriving on the island, we had a short break and then gathered for a brief orientation regarding the day’s event itinerary, and then divided into groups by nationality (there was a variety of people from over 15 different countries!).


In groups, we all began to work on our pieces of art that are going to be displayed in the Summer Setonaikai Setouchi Triennale! They are called buoybuoy’s I think. They are plastic buoys upon which we sketch a face resembling that of a cat-caricature, which is then carved out using a jigsaw!

IMG_1745 IMG_1747 IMG_1748 buoybuoy3

Soon after, we all climbed the mountain on the island as a group. It wasn’t a difficult climb, but it was a very hot day and since we were climbing as a big group, the air was really stuffy. But the view from the top was fantastic!

IMG_1749 IMG_1751


group pic

After a rest at the top, we descended to start cooking our food!


After having entirely too much grilled meat and vegetables while conversing with a variety of other indulgers, we gathered back together to write personal messages on the backs of our buoybuoys, and then went to go clean the beach!

beachcleaning2 beachcleaning

After a long day, we gathered one final time for another group picture to commemorate the occasion.

group pic2

Then another short ferry ride back to shore…


Then we waited for a bus to take us to the train station…

Waiting for bus

Then we had to wait about an hour for the next train home… but we were fine!


And finally, the train ride home!



8 thoughts on “Awashima Adventure

    • When in Ro-… Japan…

      I actually did think of you when I decided to throw that one in there… But can’t you see the overly-exaggerated smile that goes along with it? It was a joking peace sign pic! I promise!

  1. Looks like a fun day.
    Believe it or not, I have yet to visit Awashima (I’m not as proficient with the islands that side of the bridge)
    You mentioned that what you did that day was linked to the Setouchi Triennale. How so? Do you have more details. Is it going to be part of an artwork (I don’t find any that could fit the description in the future Awashima artworks) or is it an unofficial project to decorate the island (I know Awashima has done decorations in the past, just to make the island nicer, before it was part of the Setouchi Triennale)

    • The latter is correct; they will be used to decorate the island during the Triennale!

      I can’t blame you for not being as experienced in the more distant islands considering the plentiful islands in our immediate vicinity. That is one thing that I plan to do before I leave, is visit as many of these closer islands as I can.

      • I don’t know how long you have left here, but don’t wait. 🙂
        Of course, I advise you to visit Ogijima first and foremost, and if possible several times. If you have some free time in August and don’t mind the heat, don’t miss the summer session of the Triennale, as it seems you have missed the spring one. Attend the fall session if you can too, as it’ll be the one with the most art (more artworks being added at each session), but it’ll also be the more crowded one, with insane waiting lines for the most popular artworks.

        Can’t wait to see the decorations on Awashima, although I’m afraid I won’t get to go before October.

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