New Semester, New People, & Memories of the Old

As was mentioned in the post Changes, this time of year is when some previous residents leave the dormitory, and others move in. Yesterday being the 1st of April, the new students are finally allowed to begin moving into the dormitory. It has been a quiet month here, but soon we’ll be back at a full capacity of around 32 people. There are 4 floors in total with 10 people per floor except for the 1st floor, which houses only 2. From the 1st floor, only 1 person left last semester, Thomas. From the 2nd floor, 3 people left, including Felix. From the 3rd floor, 5 people left, and from my floor, the 4th floor, 6 people left. Altogether, only 17 people were left. Below are the results of a project I began back in December. It is still not finished by the way… there has been one girl in particular who has been hard to find when she has free time. But below are pictures of the residents who left last month to return home or to relocate.

IMG_1119 IMG_0745 IMG_0796 IMG_0742 IMG_1130 IMG_0736 IMG_0716 IMG_0713 IMG_0714 IMG_1128 IMG_0733 IMG_1001 IMG_1123 IMG_1015 IMG_1105


In case you’re wondering why many of them are posing with fudge?… Well, I began the project right around Christmas time and I had received a package of fudge from my wonderful and talented Grandma, and I decided to share some with the rest of the dormitory as an incentive to participate in my project. For some reason, many people are reluctant to pose for pictures… But, the fudge ran out (aka I ate it all) before I could finish my project and so, the remaining people just had to pose for me out of the goodness of their hearts! Fortunately I managed to get every one of the people who left last month before they departed. I did this for posterity’s sake. But it is also a fun project too that many of my fellow dorm-mates may appreciate as well if they happen upon this post.

I can’t say that I became best friends with everyone that lived together with me in the dorm for the last 6 month, but I can say that there have been irreplaceable memories created with each and every one of them that I never want to forget…

Now there are new people moving into these peoples’ old rooms. Just as I quoted before,

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”


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