Fun in Central Park

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Central Park of Takamatsu pales in comparison to another Central Park you may have heard of, but despite that, it still provides a great place for friends to gather and have a little fun on a Saturday. Plus, in this particular case, there is nothing that I would rather do…

DSCN6897 DSCN6888 DSCN6884DSCN6881 DSCN6895 DSCN6883DSCN6898 DSCN6874 DSCN6872DSCN6873


After a nice frisbee session, those of us that remained headed to the shotengi, the covered malls of Takamatsu, and got a bite to eat at an Indian curry restaurant and had a beer. Not an IPA mind you, but still refreshing after some solid frisbee action! Afterwards we all went our separate ways and headed home.


Thoughts or comment?

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