Another Day, Another Festival

Saturday, October 19

This plan had been a while in the making. A couple weeks prior to this festival, I had been chatting with Yoshika-san, a member of the group that took us international students out for bowling and drinks, and she had invited me to come to the festival with her and some others. The finally, weeks later, the morning arrived and I got ready to go in the late morning. Inevitably however, I ending up leaving with four others from the dorm. Of course, the more the merrier! With Thomas, Jiji, Bella, and Mina in tow, we reach Takamatsu and then the main campus library. We were right on time and everyone was already there waiting for us. Soon we head out on food, heading south, to head towards the jinja and the surrounding festivities.

After we had seen the sights that the festival had to offer, we returned to campus to retrieve our bikes and went for the covered mall. At first I did not know what we were doing, but then I heard the tell-tale signs of more festival activities. The whistles that kept the procession moving in an orderly fashion continued to grow louder and louder until they were deafening, right in front of us. Then the procession stopped and they began preparing for their performance. Soon, the gongs and drums were being struck and the pair under the dragon costume began their dance.

All in all, it was a very fun day. After the festivities in the mall were done, we all walked around together for a while until we found ourselves a nice place to sit down and eat some udon. Then we all made our various ways back home.



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