Sunday Takamatsu Tour

After such a great night, things were definitely slow going the next morning. As I was going through the motions of my morning routine, which now includes a nice dose of internet access, Felix and Thomas confirm their plans with me and we set the time of our departure for early afternoon. That day I was going to show them Takamatsu.

Once the afternoon rolled around and my Temple day pack had been packed, we gather down by the door to ready ourselves for the ride to town. The ride was pleasant. As I continually repeat that treck, it is seeming to become shorter and shorter. We arrive to the covered street-mall. We stop in a few of different stores, The North Face, a 5 floor bookstore, and a bakery, whose scent seduced us from outside the bookstore.

After making a few purchases in the bakery, we decide to go find ourselves a nice place to sit and enjoy our treats. I take a turn westward to meet with the main road and I decide to take them to the sea, so we turn northward. We found ourselves the shade of a nice tree and begin to chow down.

After we finish our snacks I see two girls who look like they need help from a third person to snap a picture for them. Since I wanted a picture of our trio as well I proposed a trade. Here’s what we got 🙂

Afterwards I attempt a little conversation with them and they end up asking if I have a Facebook account so I give them my card and then they suggest we get a picture.

The next day I find a nice picture featuring the one I took for them and the one taken of us. Here it is!

After parting ways, I decide to lead the group on a little detour because I was determined to find the source of all the sailboats I was seeing on the horizon with the hopes of the search ending in a rental facility.

I was reminded of my sailing days and had the strong urge to be out there controlling one myself!

Unfortunately it was a private high school sailing club. We head back so that I can show them my internet haven. Upon arrival to the building we discover a weekly market closing down outside. I determined then to return next week.

We go upstairs and I show them my internet haven in case they are ever in need while wandering around in Takamatsu. It is a very valuable resource. When we were about to leave, I see an item for sale there that was on my list of things to acquire for my room, a pair of speakers! So I purchase those, and so far they have turned out to be a very worthwhile investment. Why, that same day after their arrival in my room they served as the catalyst to a dance party. Worth every yen!

We notice some dark clouds moving in so we decide to turn towards home after leaving E-topia. I however was skeptical that they’d actually reach us, which I stated. Takamatsu took that opportunity to make me eat my words and soon enough it was pouring. We take a quick turn back east and found the cover of the mall once again.

Here we found quite an abundance of life finding the same shelter from the storm as we were.

Determined to wait out the storm, we find ourselves a nice little udon den to settle down in for a while.

Inside the shop we could hear the roar of the rain battering on the roof. We all get a beer there as well to help pass the time. Also, we had our first “kampai” of the night for Thomas’s birthday! But sooner than we expected, the rain abated and we were able to finish our journey home.

We all settle down for a while after returning home. I found my friend Chin Shouen and we discovered that we are formidable opponents at table tennis and pass the time with some volleys and a game or two. Soon Thomas returned from an outing and we gather up for the night’s festivities!

This actually turned into a dance party later in my room 🙂

Another great day and night!

Some additions…

As I sat here writing this, I snapped a quick picture, which ended up serving two purposes in the end.

-The intended purpose

The fruit that I am eating here is, as far as I am aware, not available in the states. It has the shape and internal texture of an apple but possesses the skin and taste of a pear. I felt like sharing this fruit with you all.

-The unintended purpose

You can now see my new speakers 🙂

Second addition…

Picture from Saturday’s reception party I just came across. Picture is thanks to Thomas!


5 thoughts on “Sunday Takamatsu Tour

  1. “It has the shape and internal texture of an apple but possesses the skin and taste of a pear.”

    It is indeed a pear. 😉
    Pears come in many shapes and forms, but for some reason, in the US, only one type of pear seem to exist. In Japan, the standard pear is round, and the “pear-shaped” ones are quite rare.

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